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Schedule of Events

1 PM Gates Open

1:30 PM Shuttle from WVU Evansdale Campus (Lot 43) 

1:30 - 7 PM Registration

2 PM Welcome

2:30 PM Field Projects (Market Garden and Field Crops Area)

Lewis Jett, PhD
  • New Heritage Beans for Appalachia
Jim Kotcon, PhD
  • Monitoring and Managing Barberpole Worm in Organic Sheep
Joe Moritz, PhD
  • Small-scale Poultry 101
Mafuz Rahman, PhD
  • Tomato Disease Management
Elizabeth Rowen, PhD
  • Insect Walk

3:30 PM Field Projects (Market Garden and Field Crops Area)

Lewis Jett, PhD
  • The West Virginia 'Mortgage Lifter' Tomato
Domingo Mata-Padrino, PhD
  • Feasibility of Organic Taro in West Virginia
Yong-Lak Park, PhD
  • Organic Crop and Pest Monitoring With Drones and Sensors 
Mannon Gallegly, PhD
  • Breeding for Disease Resistance in Tomato
Elizabeth Rowen, PhD
  • Insect Walk

2-7 PM Posters, Displays and Demonstrations (Shop Building)

Nathan Blake
  • Establishing Birdsfoot trefoil in Existing Pastures
Tiffany Fess
  • Organic Hemp
Michael Fiala
  • Eco-Shopping
Peighton Foster
  • Some soil microorganisms in a conventional versus organic plot
  • WVU Organic Farm Internships
Sydney Friend
  • Population differences of the Striped Cucumber Beetle, Acalymma vittatum, between conventional and organic plots
Vicki Kondo and Jennifer Greenleaf
  • WVU Organic Farm Insect Display and Insect Zoo 
Jim Kotcon, PhD
  • Exploring the link between soil and human health: Protein, protein quality, and the nutraceutical amino acid ergothioneine in wheat
  • Long-Term Field Crop Systems: 20 Years of Change
Lily Neilsen
  • Assays for Nematode-Trapping Fungi
Saralyn Smith
  • Planting Marigolds to Manage Insects in Basil
Nettie Freshour
  • Dietetic Interns

4:30-5:30 PM: What Should the WVU Organic Farm Do Next? (Grower Panel)

6-7 PM: Supper